The Quickest Gift Bags You’ll Ever Sew

You’ve made cookies for your child’s teacher, the postal carrier, and the dental receptionist who was able to find an appointment for you at the last minute. Now, how are you going to give them the cookies?

A plate of cookies requires a lot of cookies to make it not appear skimpy. You don’t want to go shopping for containers and a plastic baggie just doesn’t have the visual appeal you’re after.

Hey. I know. Put that baggie of tastiness in a fabric gift bag. No, you got time, really. It will take you 2 minutes, seriously. Well, if you want to finish the top edge it will take you 5 minutes.

Get out your large scraps, thread the machine and you’ll be wrapping those gifts in no time. I’ll show you. Watch.

Bam! You’re done. Your gift radiates your thoughtfulness. Martha would be proud.

Warning: If you have someone in your house who, like my sister, is super curious do not leave these gifts out for days. It’s too tempting to untie and peek.

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