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How To Make Fabric Necklaces

These necklaces appeared in a half-awake, half-asleep dream one recent Saturday and on the following Monday, I saw them on someone else’s Instagram feed. You can say great minds think alike or the collective consciousness or just simple timing but actually this simple tube necklace has been around in traditional craft and jewelry for a very long […] Read more…


How to Make Felt Bracelets

Wonder Woman is not my style icon (I would be way too cold) but I do envy her gold bracelets. The tiara maybe her power accessory but it’s the bracelets that make her seem fierce (it certainly isn’t that wimpy looking lasso). In a summer craft class, just before I laid eyes on Lynda Carter […] Read more…


A Very Easy to Make Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are easy to make, but this drawstring bag was incredibly easy to make. You won’t believe how fast it came together. Perfect for toting a craft project, separating your shoes from your clothes in a suitcase or for holding smaller items together in a larger tote. You can customize the size without doing […] Read more…


Pattern Review: The Trail Tote by Noodlehead for Robert Kaufman

You know that word “free”. So eye-catching. Free patterns are great except when they’re a horribly frustrating waste of your time and fabric. I’ve sworn off free patterns with their unclear instructions, haphazard construction methods and unflattering results. Oh, but this one is different 😉 The Trail Tote pattern by Noodlehead (for Robert Kaufman Fabrics) […] Read more…


How to Make a Bento Bag

As a kid when I needed to transport small toys out to the back yard, I would place them in the center of a bandanna and tie the opposite corners together. I thought it was the perfect little tote and even used it high school (and beyond) as a purse. The bento bag is a sort […] Read more…

fabric gift bag

Easy and Quick Fabric Gift Bags

I have a love hate relationship with gift wrap. I love the designs, the colors, the way they make the simplest gifts look so good. I don’t like that it can only be used onced and then tossed away. (Yes, same with Kleenex, but Kleenex serves a very useful purpose before it is tossed). Gift bags are slightly better […] Read more…

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