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A Guide to Pressing Tools

Pressing as you sew is the key to a good-looking final project. How many times did our professors tell us this? Any time they could. After sewing any seam go to your iron and press that seam in the opposite direction from which it was sewn and then press the seam allowances open if possible. […] Read more…

gifts for sewers

Idea List: Gifts For People Who Sew

Gift giving happens all year round – birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and little care packages when the occasion strikes, but this is the time of year I really brainstorm about gift ideas. As a sewer and someone who is a practical person (a recent realization I have had to accept. The tip off was […] Read more…


DIY Pattern Weights

As much as I love the old school way of pinning pattern pieces onto the fabric there are times I want to use pattern weights instead. My dilemma is, I just don’t want to buy pattern weights. They seem like a rip off; four, unattractive, little weights for $16. So I used books for the […] Read more…