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A Guide to Pressing Tools

Pressing as you sew is the key to a good-looking final project. How many times did our professors tell us this? Any time they could. After sewing any seam go to your iron and press that seam in the opposite direction from which it was sewn and then press the seam allowances open if possible. […] Read more…

true cross grain of fabric

Squaring up Fabric

When I pull fabric off the shelf, or out of the dryer, it’s pretty wrinkly and needs to be ironed before cutting. Sometimes it’s still wonky after ironing. The grain is slightly twisting one way or the other. Right here I have an easy decision to make. 1. I line up the fabric best I […] Read more…

fabric grains explained

Getting Fabric Straight

Why does it matter if the fabric you’re about to cut is lined up or trued or squared? And wait, what does that even mean? Fabric is made of threads and woven fabric (as opposed to knit fabric) is woven from threads. The looms are set up with lengthwise threads (the warp) and thread is […] Read more…

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