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How to Make a Bento Bag

As a kid when I needed to transport small toys out to the back yard, I would place them in the center of a bandanna and tie the opposite corners together. I thought it was the perfect little tote and even used it high school (and beyond) as a purse. The bento bag is a sort […] Read more…

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Quick Draw String Bag

Drawstring bags are under appreciated. It’s probably the unglamorous, homey vibe they give off but let’s not judge a book by it’s cover. Drawstring bags are practical, versatile and can be “dressed-up” with fabric choice or even trim but most importantly they are very easy to make. When my kids were little I used them […] Read more…

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How to Make Pot Holders

After sewing the coat that turned out to be unflattering, I wanted to sew something fun, kinda’ easy, and where success is a pretty sure thing. Ah, pot holders. I’ve made pot holders as gifts with themed fabric picked just for the recipient. I’ve made them as a class fund raiser using muslin the students potato […] Read more…