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How to Make a Table Runner

For Thanksgiving I wanted my well-worn table to look as good as our newly painted and decorated dining room, without having to refinish the table. I knew I wanted to make placemats and not a full tablecloth but I decided that instead of making a placemat for each person, there would be six of us, […] Read more…


Sew a Mat for Your Pet’s Bowls

My dog is a messy eater and sloppy drinker. He will put his head up, open his mouth wide and let whatever food or water that was in his mouth just fall out. Did he forget he was eating? Did something distract him? “Quick,” he thinks, “dump this stuff, maybe she’ll think she hasn’t feed me yet and […] Read more…

fabric gift bag

Easy and Quick Fabric Gift Bags

I have a love hate relationship with gift wrap. I love the designs, the colors, the way they make the simplest gifts look so good. I don’t like that it can only be used onced and then tossed away. (Yes, same with Kleenex, but Kleenex serves a very useful purpose before it is tossed). Gift bags are slightly better […] Read more…

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Easy to Make Earbud Holder

(Please note, this post has been updated. My original post used hook and loop tape to hold a tab down but the glue couldn’t hold the Velcro so I now recommend using a snap in place of the hook and loop tape.) Here’s a first world problem; storing your earbuds. There are a wide array […] Read more…

basso on bed feat

Fabric Scraps Dog Bed

This is my new sewing companion. If I’m in the sewing room he is too. If I’m in the kitchen, so is Basso. If I’m in the office, guess who is curled up under my chair?  It seems Basso wants to be certain we aren’t going to leave him. (Basso had been living in a […] Read more…

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