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under feat

What’s Under There? Underlining

Why underline a garment? While lining is sewn as a separate garment and then attached to the fashion garment underlining is basted to the fashion fabric before construction. This method adds body and durability to the garment when the style demands more structure or the fabric needs support due to a loose weave. Underlining can […] Read more…

A zipped rectangle shaped toiletries bag

Toiletries Tutorial Mash Up

Sewing tutorials are abundant and then you lose the one you wanted to try and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack to relocate it. This time I couldn’t find the tutorial I had printed off months ago for a rectangle shape toiletries bag. I searched and ended up finding a different tutorial […] Read more…

sheila with purse feature

Making a Purse From a Leather Skirt

My friend, Sheila, always looks great and when complimented her on her clothing she’ll tell you which thrift or consignment store it came from. She has the best of luck at such places but she says it’s not luck; it’s just being there too often. Apparently this must be true because her sisters threw her […] Read more…