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Me Made May 2015 Recap

My Me-Made-May challenge was to wear an item I’ve made at least five days a week. I figured it would be a fun, easy, little challenge to take on. A challenge to show off wicked sewing skills and design sense. Like many things, it turned out a little differently than I expected. First, I failed […] Read more…

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Me Made May 2015: The Start

Today is the first day of May. I’ve taken the Me Made May ’15 pledge to wear one item that I’ve made at least five times a week. I just wanted to show you what items I currently have in my closet that I’ve made. These are my skirts: A grey raw silk skirt made […] Read more…

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Me Made May 2015

Last June, when I first heard about Me Made May I thought it was an interesting idea; wear clothes you’ve made yourself for all of May. I mistakenly thought, maybe from the seemingly trillion “what I wore today” photos on the blog where I first read about Me Made May, that participants could only wear […] Read more…