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baggy pants

How To Easily Fix Baggy Pants

There is a fine line between stylishly baggy pants and sloppy, frumpy, baggy pants. And I think the line has a lot to do with, not the pattern, but your body. The younger and fitter someone is the more they can look cute, perhaps even fashionable, in loose fitting clothing. Well, I’m no longer young […] Read more…

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Mending Party

Everyone who sews has a pile of mending. The button falls off, something needs a patch, trim needs to be reattached, hems get caught on a heels and need re-hemming. And because sewers know how to fix these problems they put them aside to fix. And they sit aside, and sit aside, and keep to […] Read more…


Mend It Better

Mend It Better  by Kristin M. Roach I picked up this book from my local library. The title caught my eye. Mending? That’s not very trendy or glamorous. Up-cycling is trendy. Fixing what you already own? Not so much. This book is full of practical tips and instructions. It also has projects, like a pouch […] Read more…