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How to Make a Table Runner

For Thanksgiving I wanted my well-worn table to look as good as our newly painted and decorated dining room, without having to refinish the table. I knew I wanted to make placemats and not a full tablecloth but I decided that instead of making a placemat for each person, there would be six of us, […] Read more…


How to Make a Bento Bag

As a kid when I needed to transport small toys out to the back yard, I would place them in the center of a bandanna and tie the opposite corners together. I thought it was the perfect little tote and even used it high school (and beyond) as a purse. The bento bag is a sort […] Read more…


How to Make Cloth Napkins

The following video was made in 2013 but never put up on the site. We have always used cloth napkins, at first it was to save money, now it just seems, well, why not?. I stopped buying already made cloth napkins when I couldn’t find them in 100% cotton in the colors I wanted or […] Read more…


Sew a Mat for Your Pet’s Bowls

My dog is a messy eater and sloppy drinker. He will put his head up, open his mouth wide and let whatever food or water that was in his mouth just fall out. Did he forget he was eating? Did something distract him? “Quick,” he thinks, “dump this stuff, maybe she’ll think she hasn’t feed me yet and […] Read more…

make a tree skirt F

How to Make a Tree Skirt

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, I decorated your branches but I neglected to cover up your tree stand. Well, to the defense of my laziness the lower branches and the gifts, once wrapped and placed under the tree, hide the mammoth, green, plastic stand pretty well. How did I get so lackadaisical? Years ago I made […] Read more…

fabric gift bag

Easy and Quick Fabric Gift Bags

I have a love hate relationship with gift wrap. I love the designs, the colors, the way they make the simplest gifts look so good. I don’t like that it can only be used onced and then tossed away. (Yes, same with Kleenex, but Kleenex serves a very useful purpose before it is tossed). Gift bags are slightly better […] Read more…

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