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Gifts for People Who Sew; 2015

Do you know someone who enjoys sewing? Do you want to give them a gift? Do you want to give them a gift they will use? Do you need some ideas to point you in the right direction? I’ve been sewing (of my own choosing) for many, many years and maybe the things I want are […] Read more…


DIY Pattern Weights

As much as I love the old school way of pinning pattern pieces onto the fabric there are times I want to use pattern weights instead. My dilemma is, I just don’t want to buy pattern weights. They seem like a rip off; four, unattractive, little weights for $16. So I used books for the […] Read more…


10 Gift Ideas for People Who Sew

Last night I spent too much time searching the internet for gift ideas for all the men and almost men in my life. Didn’t really get a solid idea except for this one – a post about what sewers might like to receive. Here are my ten quick ideas. Some are tiny gifts and some […] Read more…