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Why Do We Sew Our Own Clothes?

Why do we sew clothes for ourselves in 2016? Ready made clothes are easy to find, affordable, sometimes cheap and the marketing is so sophisticated how can we resist? Sewing your own clothes is the opposite. Apparel fabric is hard to find in person unless you live in a large city, the cost of fabric, notions, […] Read more…

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How To Gain Focus on Your Sewing

I am distractible by nature. Everything seems to get my attention which really means I’m not putting my attention where I need to. This was happening with my sewing too. I never knew what to project to focus on next. Picking a project became a big deliberation usually settled with impulsively starting a project without […] Read more…

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Mending Party

Everyone who sews has a pile of mending. The button falls off, something needs a patch, trim needs to be reattached, hems get caught on a heels and need re-hemming. And because sewers know how to fix these problems they put them aside to fix. And they sit aside, and sit aside, and keep to […] Read more…


Monday Motivation: Routines

I have analyzed it and I think my motivation troubles are originating from transition. In March 2014 I went from full time to part time as an administrative assistant/office manager so I could train my replacement and have more time to work on The Daily Sew. In June 2014 I began The Daily Sew full […] Read more…

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Quick Draw String Bag

Drawstring bags are under appreciated. It’s probably the unglamorous, homey vibe they give off but let’s not judge a book by it’s cover. Drawstring bags are practical, versatile and can be “dressed-up” with fabric choice or even trim but most importantly they are very easy to make. When my kids were little I used them […] Read more…

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