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    How to Make a Fit Muslin

    Sewing up a muslin is an important step in a great fitting garment and it’s easier than you might think.

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    Sewer’s Block

    Is there such thing as sewer’s block? Like writer’s block except it’s the temporary inability to compose with fabric instead of words. Will exercises designed to overcome writer’s block work for other creative blocks?

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Me Made May 2015: The Start

Today is the first day of May. I’ve taken the Me Made May ’15 pledge to wear one item that I’ve made at least five times a week. I just wanted to show you what items I currently have in my closet that I’ve made. These are my skirts: A grey raw silk skirt made […] Read more…

Me Made

Me Made May 2015

Last June, when I first heard about Me Made May I thought it was an interesting idea; wear clothes you’ve made yourself for all of May. I mistakenly thought, maybe from the seemingly trillion “what I wore today” photos on the blog where I first read about Me Made May, that participants could only wear […] Read more…

earbud holder feat

Easy to Make Earbud Holder

(Please note, this post has been updated. My original post used hook and loop tape to hold a tab down but the glue couldn’t hold the Velcro so I now recommend using a snap in place of the hook and loop tape.) Here’s a first world problem; storing your earbuds. There are a wide array […] Read more…

How to make floor pillows

Easy to Make Floor Pillow Covers

My daughter is in her first apartment and wanted to buy a big armchair for comfy reading except that money doesn’t grow on trees. I suggested a bean bag chair but then more seriously floor pillows. Floor pillows are comfy, arrangeable, can easily be transported when moving and are budget friendly. To make them even […] Read more…

knot thread or back tack

When to Knot Your Threads

Back tack or knot? Both secure your machine stitching at the beginning and end of a chain of stitches. Back tacking is quickly done with the sewing machine and knotting is hand tying the threads together much like hand stitching is secured. To back tack simply sew over the first couple of stitches twice. This […] Read more…

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