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How To Gain Focus on Your Sewing

I am distractible by nature. Everything seems to get my attention which really means I’m not putting my attention where I need to. This was happening with my sewing too. I never knew what to project to focus on next. Picking a project became a big deliberation usually settled with impulsively starting a project without […]

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Mending Frayed Jeans

A favorite pair of jeans is hard to get rid of even when they are ripped or frayed. My daughter had such a dilemma and asked if I could patch her jeans. There was a lot of fraying where her book bag rubbed against her left hip. I knew that the fraying would spread, especially […]

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Mending Party

Everyone who sews has a pile of mending. The button falls off, something needs a patch, trim needs to be reattached, hems get caught on a heels and need re-hemming. And because sewers know how to fix these problems they put them aside to fix. And they sit aside, and sit aside, and keep to […]

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Button Placement on a Cuff

Button placement is very important on a garment. When a garment is closed with an ill placed button it can show puckers, leave gaps, and will never let a garment hang as it was meant to. And here is where I use my Mary Poppins’ voice, “Taking time to place a button in the correct […]

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Monday Motivation; Chocolate

This motivational tip may just be my favorite because it involves eating chocolate. I never need a reason to eat chocolate but now I know there are a few good reasons, other than tastiness, to indulge: Chocolate has been shown to release dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is a chemical in your brain which has […]


Monday Motivation: Routines

I have analyzed it and I think my motivation troubles are originating from transition. In March 2014 I went from full time to part time as an administrative assistant/office manager so I could train my replacement and have more time to work on The Daily Sew. In June 2014 I began The Daily Sew full […]

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Fringing Fabric

My daughter needed a skirt but it’s never that simple, is it? She needed a skirt that covered her knees, was lightweight enough for humid summer weather and, of course, it had to be a style she would wear. I thought if I took her to the mall that finding the skirt would just be […]

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