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    How to Make a Fit Muslin

    Sewing up a muslin is an important step in a great fitting garment and it’s easier than you might think.

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    Sewer’s Block

    Is there such thing as sewer’s block? Like writer’s block except it’s the temporary inability to compose with fabric instead of words. Will exercises designed to overcome writer’s block work for other creative blocks?

gifts for sewers

Idea List: Gifts For Sewers

Gift giving happens all year round – birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and little care packages when the occasion strikes, but this is the time of year I really brainstorm about gift ideas. As a sewer and someone who is a practical person (a recent realization I have had to accept. The tip off was […] Read more…

under feat

What’s Under There? Underlining

Why underline a garment? While lining is sewn as a separate garment and then attached to the fashion garment underlining is basted to the fashion fabric before construction. This method adds body and durability to the garment when the style demands more structure or the fabric needs support due to a loose weave. Underlining can […] Read more…

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