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Motivate Me

Some days are easy to get things done and some days it takes all the discipline I can conjure up to even get one thing checked off my list. Today I settle back into The Daily Sew after three weeks of holiday. It’s taking a lot of will power to sit at the computer despite […]

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How to Shorten a Metal Zipper

When a zipper is too long it’s nothing to run a few stitches over the teeth to form a new bottom zipper stop which automatically shortens the length of your zipper. However this doesn’t work for metal zippers and certainly not for exposed metal zippers. To shorten a metal zipper you need a few supplies and […]

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How To Make a Fit Muslin

More than likely you have heard about making a muslin of a garment before making the garment. You may know why or you may be asking yourself, “What?” Basically a designer will make a muslin for every prototype to work out all the details in the design, the fit and the construction of the garment. […]

pattern weights DIY

DIY Pattern Weights

As much as I love the old school way of pinning pattern pieces onto the fabric there are times I want to use pattern weights instead. My dilemma is, I just don’t want to buy pattern weights. They seem like a rip off; four, unattractive, little weights for $16. So I used books for the […]

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Custom Tote Bag Part 4: The Lining

The lining. It’s like making second bag but not having a second bag to use when you’re done. However, I need a lining for this bag and this lining is going to have a zipped pocket. Summary: The fusible batting is fused to the two lining pieces. The pocket is made up into what resembles […]

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