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No More Sloppy Back Pockets

Does this drive anybody else crazy? The welts on a double welt pocket should lay flat against the garment. Welt pockets that gap open permanently in a twisted way look sloppy. Having two twisted, gaping, horizontal lines across one’s backside isn’t stylish or flattering. What really drives me crazy though is that more and more […]

gifts for sewers

Idea List: Gifts For Sewers

Gift giving happens all year round – birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and little care packages when the occasion strikes, but this is the time of year I really brainstorm about gift ideas. As a sewer and someone who is a practical person (a recent realization I have had to accept. The tip off was […]

under feat

What’s Under There? Underlining

Why underline a garment? While lining is sewn as a separate garment and then attached to the fashion garment underlining is basted to the fashion fabric before construction. This method adds body and durability to the garment when the style demands more structure or the fabric needs support due to a loose weave. Underlining can […]

HK finish feat

The Finishing Touch: Hong Kong Finish

The Hong Kong finish is a classic seam allowance finish used on garments which have underlining instead of lining. The seam allowance edges are encased in bias tape strips made from the underlining or any lining fabric. You could add a designer touch by using strips in a contrasting color to the garment or using […]

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