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Welcome to my little space on the internet. In the physical world you can find me in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina where I live with my husband, older children and our crazy and lovable dog, Basso. I’m usually in my sewing room avoiding housework. I have a 26 year old New Home basic sewing machine and a large fabric stash of mostly printed fabric. I somehow forgot to buy solids and neutrals. My favorite sewing tool is my Horn scissors. Their weight in my hands makes me feel like I’m doing something serious.

How Sewing Became What I Do

I have always loved making things. As a kid I loved making just about anything; cards, drawings, bean bags, blanket forts, and especially making up stories with my Fisher-Price Little People. As a teenager I was all about art classes which let me stay in my little day dream world a little out of the mainstream. In high school you are either in or your out so I embraced being different.

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Sewing came to me through wanting different clothes then what my peers went for. This was before Fast Fashion and in order to get different clothes, let alone enough clothes for a season out of my clothing budget I would have to plan. What basics did I need? What still fit or wasn’t worn out from last year? What could I find at the thrift stores and what could I only get at the mall? It was work that I actually enjoyed but the ace up my sleeve, the resource most of my classmates seemed to be missing, the super power that I took full advantage of was, my mom sewed.

We would go to our local fabric store (where no classmate of mine would be) and she helped me decide on a pattern that had a lot of coordinating pieces, a skirt, a top or two, a vest or a dress and then she guided me in fabric choice. Back home, during All My Children, she sewed it all up for me. That’s a mother’s love for sure (ask my kids if they get wardrobes sewn for them) but I must have over used my super power because she started making me help her. Sewing went from seeing my mom magically turn flat cloth into garments to being work. When it was time to go to college it was art school for me to be a graphic designer but I became a record store clerk instead.

It was this time of growing up and making my own way that I went back to what I loved doing best; making things with my hands. I was painting and sewing for fun. I sewed a blue fur hooded jacket, bondage pants, a full skirt with bells sewn all around the hem and other odd ball garments. By simply wearing my sewn creations I could show them off, a mini art show where everyone I passed was invited to view and have an opinion. I liked bringing art to that basic, everyday level so I went back to school for fashion design.

Why I Started The Daily Sew

grandview-beachWhen I became a mom I was making things with a vengeance but it was dinner, cookies, Halloween costumes, and homeschool curriculums. Sewing clothing for myself was a rare and cherished event. When I finally got some time to sew I would get aggravated with the pattern instructions. They were vague, substandard, incomplete or just plain wrong. They assumed you had a high level of sewing skills and a lot of patience and time to figure it out. That your brain was not overloaded with laundry and shopping list and being woken up in the night by little people.


I had sewing skills. I knew sewing terminology. Patternmaking was my favorite class. So when I found pattern instructions lacking I would figure out how to sew the garment or sew it even better by using a technique the pattern didn’t mention. But I was tired and sewing was suppose to be my break from thinking hard. A sewing pattern should be straight forward, I thought, like following a recipe from a well written cookbook.

I kept thinking how much trouble would it be for the pattern company to thoroughly edit or to add to the instructions? They seemed to charge enough that an extra sheet of instructions could be included. Could they at least throw in some more illustrations? What if I was a beginner sewer? I would wad up this pattern and cry.

I thought the big pattern companies (that’s almost all there was when I had this idea) were killing the love of sewing. They were shooting themselves in the foot. Their customers so frustrated with their patterns that they gave up sewing. With the rise of Old Navy, Target and the like selling clothes cheaper than the pattern cost why bother sewing? Soon there was going to be no pattern companies left which was going to be bad for me even though I was fed up with them at the time.

I started The Daily Sew to encourage more people to sew.  To show that it isn’t hard to explain better or add some extra pictures. To help people enjoy sewing. To share what I learned and am learning. To inspire anyone to persevere through a project. To encourage creativity, individuality and great fitting clothes. To eventually see such a large sewing movement that home made clothing is taken seriously and given respect.

I didn’t realize that other individuals around the world were having similar thoughts; that the internet could help us spread the joy of sewing and that someone wanted to hear it. The sewing community has grown. I’m amazed at the many great teachable, stylish patterns on the market, at all the classes and books and the hundreds of sewing blogs. Making things is huge again. Creativity and a sense of accomplishment feel great and I hope The Daily Sew can help make that happen for you.

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  1. Angela Utz
    March 26, 2014 at 11:46 pm (4 years ago)


    I am so happy for you!! I had no idea you started this blog…the website! It is a fabulous resource and clever to include a link on the RCS mailing!

    Best to you on your new adventure,

  2. Doreen
    March 27, 2014 at 2:42 am (4 years ago)

    Mary! I am so excited about this!!!! You are an amazing woman and I am so grateful to have a continued connection with you! You are totally inspirational!!!!!
    so much love,

  3. Bee
    January 13, 2015 at 5:46 am (3 years ago)

    Hello. I love your blog and am trying to link it into my bloglovin feed so that I don’t miss any as they often don’t show up in Facebook. I’ve tried guessing that it’s http://thedailysew.com but it doesn’t work. Could you tell me what I need to put in please. Thanks xx


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