Clipping the Princess Seam Allowance

That’s odd. They don’t look like they go together.

(next time I’ll smile)

You’re not flat and fabric is so unless you’re going for an ancient Greek look the fabric has to be manipulated to go over your curves. This is why we use darts and seams like the princess seam.

However, sewing convex curves into concave curves doesn’t work unless you clip the fabric that goes beyond the curve -the seam allowance. Clipping release the fabric on the convex shape and reduces bulk of the excess seam allowance on concave shapes. Just be sure to clip only the seam allowance and about an eighth of an inch shy of the seam line. If, after steaming and pressing your new seam, you still spot a pull in the fabric, clip a little more or make the clips you already made, deeper. Should you accidentally cut too close to the seam, put a drop of Fray Check at the point of your clip. If you accidentally clip into the seam you will have to restitch that spot making your new stitches just over the original stitch line.



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