Tinker Bell Halloween Costume

Simplicity pattern 2757. In green it could work.

My daughter is 18. She wants to be Tinker Bell for Halloween this year. When you’re 18 your Halloween costume has to be somewhat stylish no matter what you’re dressing up as (I’ve seen Mean Girls). My daughter is away at University so pattern decisions took place via email. Measurements were taken on a recent visit to see her. Now it’s October 8 and I’ve got to get this is the mail by October 24 to be safe. To be in a box on the 24th gives me 15 days and an hour or so of tonight. I do work full time at a job having nothing to do with sewing, fashion, or costumes.

Questions I had to ask myself:

  1. Do I really need to sew this? Can it be purchased, ready to wear?
  2. Is the fabric too costly for a one use garment?
  3. How hard will this be to sew?
  4. How am I going to fit this on her when she lives too far away?

Answer to #1. I started by googling tinker bell costumes. Expensive but cheap looking and all resembling Disney’s Tinker Bell. I looked for adult fairy costume sewing patterns; nonexistent but I found a few that could work and emailed her the links. She chose Simplicity 2757 which is a costume but of what, I am not sure. In green however, the short version could be a Tinker Bell; the forest sprite Tinker Bell.

Answer to #2. (Is the fabric too costly for a one use garment?) I ignored the suggested fabrics and bought a linen-look fabric because I liked it better, I was able to find it in two greens and my daughter thinks that next year this costume could be transformed into a Robin Hood costume. I won’t hold her to it but that would be cool.

Answer to #3. (How hard will this be to sew?) I’ve read over the pattern. It’s a typical commercial pattern; the instructions are lacking and somewhat confusing. I always feel bad for beginners. They must get utterly frustrated. I think, even though the bodice is lined (impressive for a costume pattern) it should go together pretty fast.

Answer to #4. (How am I going to fit this on her when she lives too far away?) My daughter’s measurements don’t fit any one size on the pattern so some adjustments will need to be made. Time is too short for a muslin so I will do my best altering the paper pieces and hope it fits. This is after all a Halloween costume.

The steps:

  1. Wash and dry the fabric
  2. Press the fabric
  3. Sit down and think this through. Figure out the steps.
  4. Measure the paper pieces and make adjustments to fit the wearer.
  5. Cut out the pieces
  6. Start sewing according to package directions
  7. Add trim to hem by hand so it can come off for future Robin Hood version
  8. Decide if tutu is needed either under or over costume skirt. If so, cut leaf shapes?
  9. Find and purchase wings and leggings (skirt does not close. It’s strictly an over skirt)
  10. Mail!

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